Mishref, Kuwait

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Housewife


Pregnancy week 12

At week 12, my baby is fully formed! Going forward, my baby will mainly just be growing and practicing movements. I’m feeling a bit dizzy; drinking plenty of water and keeping snacks on hand can help. I’ll have my first ultrasound, and my baby is starting to react to sounds outside the womb.

week 12

I've made it to the last week of my first trimester. My baby's come a very long way since its embryo days. When I’m 12 weeks pregnant, here's what the pregnancy symptoms are:

  • My baby is fully formed, they just need some fine-tuning
  • Pregnancy symptoms at week 12 include low blood pressure and low blood sugar that can leave me feeling dizzy
  • I’m taking it easy and eating lots of healthy snacks that help me

Me at week 12

My womb is starting to push its way out of my pelvis and into my tummy, although my bump probably still won't quite be showing yet. As I reach the last stretch of the first trimester a lot of early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, and the constant urge to wee ease off. However, a new pregnancy symptom of week 12 is dizziness, as my body diverts more blood towards my baby. I Snack to keep my blood sugar up and drink plenty of water.

My baby at week 12

Believe it or not, my baby is fully formed! The rest of my pregnancy will just involve them growing, practicing movement and a bit of fine-tuning. Their facial features start developing this week, so they might start to grow dad's nose, my chin, and grandma's cheekbones. They're also starting to grow fingernails and toenails. At this point they're covered in a fine hair called lanugo, which falls off before I give birth. Their tiny heart has almost finished developing and will start to beat more slowly (although still much faster than mine).

Things to do in week 12

Most pregnant women have their first ultrasound this week, so I'll see my baby for the very first time! I'll be able to bring home a printout to show my friends and family, although I might have to pay for it. This week my baby will start reacting to sounds outside the womb by opening their arms and legs. I want to make a playlist of my favourite music, or start talking to my bump.