Mishref, Kuwait

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Housewife


Pregnancy week 7

I’m still feeling the effects of those early pregnancy hormones – but at least I’m used to any mood swings by now. I’m also finding lots of ways to make myself feel better, such as exercise. Meanwhile, my baby is busy developing lots of different things, from eyes to toes!

week 7

My baby and I are really in the swing of things now – there’s magic going on in that belly! Here’s what to expect in week seven:

  • More mood swings – who knew I had so many emotions?
  • Stomach cramps – baby’s way of asking for a room upgrade!
  • More toilet breaks as my uterus pushes against my bladder

Me at week 7

My body is still being affected by all those pregnancy hormones. From one minute to the next I can’t tell if I’m laughing or crying. Gentle exercises help me to relax and feel better mentally, as well as keep me fit and healthy. I don’t have a bump yet, but my uterus has grown a lot, from the size of a clenched fist to about the size of a grapefruit. As it expands, I may feel some mild cramping in my tummy. This is normal but it’s worth reporting to my GP, so I’m doubly sure all is well.

My baby at week 7

My baby’s development is rocketing along now. They’ve grown from the size of a pea to that of a blueberry – a whopping 1.25cm long! My baby has tiny webbed fingers and toes, and the teeth and palate are starting to form. Their ears and eyes are developing, and they even have little eyelids, though these won’t open for a while. Their liver is producing lots of red blood cells and as my baby’s skin is transparent, I can clearly see their veins. Fascinatingly, my amazing baby is starting to make their first small movements.

Things to do in week 7

As my baby’s future teeth start to develop, it’s time to focus on mine. It’s really important to take care of my teeth during pregnancy, as hormonal changes can make my gums vulnerable to plaque. Pregnancy gingivitis or gum disease can be avoided by good dental hygiene – careful brushing and avoiding sugary snacks will help.