Mishref, Kuwait

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Housewife


Pregnancy week 16

At week 16, my baby will be moving around and pulling funny faces as their muscles develop. As my pregnancy bump gets bigger week by week, it's best not to lay on my back. My nasal glands may swell up and give me a stuffy nose, so I keep plenty of tissues on hand!

week 16

I’m four months pregnant, and with the rate my pregnancy bump is growing it's getting more and more difficult to hide.

  • It's best not to lay on my back from this week onwards
  • Pregnancy symptoms at week 16 are mostly fairly mild
  • My baby's getting ready for a massive growth spurt

Me at week 16

Strangers will be offering me seats in public places this week, as my tummy looks more like a proper baby bump and less like a big lunch. Some of the pregnancy symptoms during week 16 are that the mucous glands in my nose will be a bit swollen, so I feel like I have a stuffy nose and may even have a few nosebleeds. I’m keeping plenty of tissues in my handbag, just in case. It's not pretty to talk about, but I also feel a bit constipated this week. Hormones can make my digestive system sluggish, and my growing uterus pressing on my bowels doesn't exactly help matters. Drinking more liquid can help move things along.

My baby at week 16

My baby's nearly big enough for me to start feeling their acrobatics, and over the next few weeks they're going to blast through a growth spurt. Right now my little one is around the size of an avocado. They're pulling lots of funny faces in there, as their facial muscles develop. Their bones and muscles are getting stronger so they're grasping, stretching, and flexing with purpose. They've discovered fun new hobbies like sucking their tiny thumb and fiddling with their umbilical cord.

Things to do in week 16

My pregnancy advice from this week onwards is that it's best to avoid laying on my back. The weight of my baby bump pushes down on the main artery that brings blood to my heart, which could lower my blood pressure and leave me feeling a bit dizzy. I try to get comfortable sleeping on my side. Left side is best, as this is where my placenta is and it can help blood flow to the baby – a pregnancy pillow supports me as well, it is also available at