Mishref, Kuwait

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Housewife


Pregnancy week 23

After 23 weeks of pregnancy, I’m definitely relaxing into my daily routine, and recognising the sleep and play patterns of my little one. It's time to put my feet up and have a little nap

week 23

With an increasingly chubby baby growing inside my womb, my body is continuing to make little sacrifices to look after them. Here are the pregnancy symptoms for week 23:

  • I need to buy some new flat shoes and sport shoes
  • My baby is starting to recognise my voice
  • a laugh or sneeze may have me running to the bathroom

Me at week 23

Some of the changes that occur during this stage of pregnancy can feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassing for first-time mums, but remember this is all completely natural. Some mums go up a whole shoe size in pregnancy, so if your ankles and feet start to swell, treat yourself to a comfortable pair of new flat shoes.

My baby at week 23

Through any troublesome symptoms I’m experiencing, I remember that my baby's cheeks are getting chubbier (ready for cuddles and kisses!). My baby’s length now is around 29cm, and their skin, hair and nails are well on their way. With both lips and a tongue, some babies even start sucking their thumb in the womb. Their sense of smell, sight and hearing are all developing nicely – they even start reacting to the sound of their mother’s voice!

Things to do in week 23

It’s often claimed that babies like to listen to soothing classical music in the womb so it might be time to introduce my baby to a little Mozart! Make sure you take plenty of breaks for yourself too so that you can stretch your achy back and legs, and try using soothing baths and footstools to reduce any swelling and pain.
This is also the perfect time to start doing some daily pelvic floor exercises. During pregnancy, pelvic muscles can become weakened, meaning that a laugh or a sneeze could make me pee a little! These simple exercises are small and discrete, so I can give them a go at home in front of the TV.